Family Law Services

At Abatemarco Thomlison & Frantz, LLC, we specialize in providing comprehensive family law services with a focus on compassion and expertise. Our practice areas encompass a wide range of family-related legal matters. We understand the emotional and financial complexities involved in family law cases, and we are dedicated to guiding our clients through these challenging times with personalized attention and strategic advocacy. Our experienced attorneys are here to support you every step of the way.


also can be better, faster, more efficient than a court battle: Mediation uses a specially skilled neutral professional to help both parties come to a peaceful resolution.

Divorce Litigation

the least desirable but often the only way to deal with a particularly intransigent adversary: if your matter must be litigated, our team will fight to protect you and your children.

Child Custody

is complicated, intense and distressing. Be sure you have the MRA law team on your side. Review our client testimonials to see how we have helped.

Child Support

is about the wellbeing of your child. Whether you are paying or receiving, our award-winning team fights for fairness.

Parenting Time

can be gut-wrenching, ego- driven, vengeance-seeking battles. We will work with you to develop innovative solutions to what could be a lose/lose mess.


disputes can be a minefield. Settlement? Modification? Compliance? Enforcement? It can be confusing and painfully contentious. Miscalculation can be costly.

Equitable Distribution of property

raises countless questions. Who gets what? Why? What is fair? Are all assets at play? When does the court decide? What variables do courts consider? There is little margin for error here.

Restraining Orders

are one of the most desperate and frightening things a person can experience. A Restraining Order can offer protection for a victim or set the case for an uphill custody battle in the future. Either way, the attorneys at MRA Law can help. Procrastination can be devastating.

Collaborative Law

can be better, faster, more efficient … and potentially less stressful to avoid going to court! Collaborative Law can provide a constructive resolution to a seemingly irreconcilable nightmare.